Value to Purchasers
We are an importer, distributor, wholesaler & procurer of fast-moving trending food, drinks and beverages in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau & Japan. We supply Global brands & products to major retailers, hotels, airlines, casinos & corporate clients in Asia. We bring in fast-moving trending food, drinks and beverages that generate volume sales. We have the expertise and logistics facilities to meet your supply and delivery needs.
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Value to Purchasers

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Provenance Distributions brings in fast-moving & trending food & beverages that generate volume sales. We place fast-selling products in leading establishments in over 1,700 locations across the retail, F&B, corporate, hotel & airline industries in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Singapore & Japan. We have the expertise to meet your logistics and delivery requirements.


We’re also a regional corporate micro-kitchen / pantry service provider and food & beverage procurer for global companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook). For corporates, we’re focused on sourcing wholesome, sustainable & socially responsible products to meet the needs of their staff & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.


We partner with some of the biggest freight forwarders & logistics service providers to ensure a seamless supply chain. We utilise accredited food storage warehouse facilities to ensure our products meet the highest F&B safety standards.

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