Value to Suppliers
We are an importer, distributor, wholesaler & procurer of fast-moving trending food, drinks and beverages in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau & Japan. We supply Global brands & products to major retailers, hotels, airlines, casinos & corporate clients in Asia. We have a large retail network to distribute your products to. We also have a professional sales & marketing team to build your brand.
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Provernance Celebs



Our professional Marketing team boasts a strong media network and marketing expertise to build your brand effectively. Our successful marketing campaigns generate strong brand recognition and sales in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.  Our Sales team also use an in-house customised sales management app that targets specific industry segments for effective product sell-in.




Wholesale distribution in Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau.


We have an extensive retail network covering major establishments in over 1,700 locations in Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau where we can distribute your brand to.


Regional distribution to other Asia-Pacific Markets.


We are headquartered in 2 of the biggest trading gateways to the Asia-Pacific: Singapore (which covers Southeast Asia) and Hong Kong (which covers Macau & Greater China). Through our network of National Distributors across the Asia-Pacific, you will have access to a professional team and a vast distribution network in the region.