CocoWater Coconut Water Singapore | 100% Natural | Best Seller in Singapore
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Cloversoft is an award-winning range of hygiene & personal care products – including hand sanitizers (70% alcohol content), antibacterial wet wipes, baby wipes, dry tissues & toilet rolls. Their products are truly eco-friendly & socially responsible.


Their tissues & wet wipes are made from unbleached bamboo pulp from sustainable bamboo farms, which has a smaller carbon footprint compared to paper made from chopped down trees. Not using bleach during the pulp production also ensures that no harmful gases are released to the environment.


Cloversoft is also an official partner of Polar Bears International. A portion of CloverSoft’s revenue is donated to saving polar bears, and this is proudly reflected in the polar bear icon on Cloversoft’s packaging .

Interested in finding out more? Please browse through the Cloversoft product kit.