Corporate Services
We are an importer, distributor, wholesaler & procurer of fast-moving trending food, drinks and beverages in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau & Japan. We supply Global brands & products to major retailers, hotels, airlines, casinos & corporate clients in Asia. Please contact us if you are looking for B2B delivery & merchandiser a dependable service provider in Singapore.
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We are a regional corporate micro-kitchen / pantry service provider and food & beverage procurer for global companies. Because of our regional footprint in Asia & professional service, Facebook (now known as Meta) appointed Provenance Distributions as their Micro-Kitchen Vendors for their offices in Hong Kong SAR, China & Tokyo, Japan.


Value-Added Services


F&B Sourcing & Procuring: Our in-house Supply team sources exciting F&B brands via our global supply network to meet your needs. We focus on sourcing great tasting, wholesome, sustainable & socially responsible products to meet the needs of your staff & your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.


Logistics & Micro-kitchen / Pantry Ops: Our professional on-location ops team provide services such as ordering & receiving, stock inventory management, shelf & chiller stocking, coffee machine/chiller maintenance. Our ops team can also offer corporate event services such as venue set up, F&B sourcing & clean-up.


Budgeting & Management Reporting: We use a customised reporting system to capture detailed data on goods ordered & received, staff consumption by item, stock levels & F&B spending. We gather this info to forecast & control budgets, study trends & monitor inventory, which helps management make insightful decisions based on staff preferences & budgets. The analysis allows us to quickly phase out unwanted F&B items to reduce wastage and bring in popular F&B products to improve staff satisfaction levels.


You can find more details in our Corporate Micro-Kitchen Services Info Kit.

Are you interested in our Corporate micro-kitchen & pantry services? Feel free to contact us.