MNC Services
We are an importer, distributor, wholesaler & procurer of fast-moving trending food, drinks and beverages in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau & Japan. We supply Global brands & products to major retailers, hotels, airlines, casinos & corporate clients in Asia. Please contact us if you are looking for B2B delivery & merchandiser a dependable service provider in Singapore.
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We are a regional food & beverage procurer, Micro-kitchen / pantry & event management vendor for multi-national company (MNC) offices throughout Asia.


Our services benefit MNCs because we are able to source for a wide array of exciting F&B offering and help set up beautifully designed micro-kitchens/ pantries for staff to be happy & productive. We help Management optimise their F&B budgets and monitor staff consumption patterns on a regional level.


With our logistics know-how, we use a customized data management system to monitor orders, stock levels & staff consumption by item. With robust data, we are able to create management reports, monitor budgets & help MNCs make insightful decisions to phase out unpopular F&B items, and zoom in on popular F&B products based on staff choice.

Interested in our MNC F&B procurement & pantry services? Feel free to contact us.