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Gryphon Tea - Artisanal Premium Tea and Sparkling Cold Brew Tea from Singapore
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Gryphon Tea is a globally renowned, multi award-winning artisanal tea brand.


It’s a brand with uncompromising quality as it is selected from only the finest tea leaves from China, Japan and Sri Lanka. It is sourced from only the best terroir/single estate teas that possess distinctive elegance and unique characteristics, and that’s what makes the quality of Gryphon Tea so premium. The tea is quality packed in convenient silken sachets and sealed individually for freshness. There is a diverse range of fun & playful flavours for the experimental tea drinker to suit every taste bud.


Gryphon Tea also has a beautiful range of Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Tea which is cold brewed for 12 hours with a proprietary extraction method to ensure maximum infusion and minimum interruption. It is made with only the world’s finest tea leaves. No artificial sweeteners, colorings or flavorings. Cold brewing allows the tea leaves to bloom slowly and release delicate aromas that would be lost in hot brewing methods. This ensures that the tea is optimally infused with the delicate fruit flavours. It comes in beautiful 300ml chic branded glass bottles. Perfect for glass pour or pick-and-go.


Gryphon Tea is exclusively distributed in Hong Kong & Macau by Provenance Distributions.

Interested in finding out more? Please browse through the Gryphon Tea product kit.

Interested in retailing Gryphon Tea at your establishment? Feel free to contact us.

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