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We are an importer, distributor, wholesaler & procurer of fast-moving trending food, drinks and beverages in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore & Japan. We supply Global brands & products to major retailers, hotels, airlines, casinos & corporate clients in Asia.
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Provenance Distribution Importer & Distributor of fast moving food & beverages in Hong Kong, Macau & SIngapore

Provenance Distributions Ltd imports, distributes & procures fast-moving, trending food & beverages in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau & Singapore.  The South China Morning Post — Asia’s most widely read English newspaper — featured us as a “Rising star in Asia” in the F&B distributions industry.


We are Facebook‘s appointed Micro Kitchen Vendors and F&B Procurers for their Hong Kong office. We are also a Supplier Partner to Michelin Guide events in Asia.


We have offices in Hong Kong, Macau, Japan & Singapore, and have an extensive B2B distribution network covering 1,700+ locations in establishments across the retail, F&B, hotel, airline & corporate industries in Asia.


Through our marketing expertise and media network, we help F&B brand owners run successful marketing campaigns which generate brand awareness and sales. We’re also CRM experts with an extensive database of B2B purchaser contacts which we can target effectively. Thus we have a high sales response rate, which makes it possible for us to have a faster speed to market.


Find out more about us in our Corporate Profile.