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CocoWater Coconut Water Hong Kong | Best-Seller | 100% Natural
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Provenance Distributions — the first to popularise Tetra Pak coconut water in Singapore — is proud to be the exclusive importer, distributor & marketing agent of Just Picked CocoWater in Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau. It’s a premium coconut water brand from New York and has been proudly selected as the exclusive coconut water for the MICHELIN Guide Street Food Festival in Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau.


Just Picked CocoWater is simply low-sugar green coconuts picked and packed in Thailand, then shipped straight to Singapore. Each Tetra Pak contains the liquid of one whole young green coconut. It has no sugar added, zero additives and is not from concentrate. It has just one ingredient: pure coconut water.


In fact, Just Picked CocoWater contains less sugar than most other packaged coconut water brands. There are many benefits of coconut water. It’s hydrating and so rich in electrolytes and nutrients that it’s known as “nature’s sports drink”. Fresh Thai coconuts are hand-chopped, its liquid manually extracted and gently pasteurised, all while retaining its nutrients. It’s then poured into a handy resealable Prisma Tetra Pak, the best packaging to maintain the delicate flavour of coconut water. The result? 100% pure, premium, low-sugar coconut water. So everyone can hydrate healthily and conveniently.

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Interested in finding out more? Please browse through the Just Picked CocoWater product kit.

Interested in retailing Just Picked CocoWater at your establishment? Feel free to contact us.

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